Post Majority Support Services


Financial Support & Safe, stable comfortable housing:

  • Housing stability during transition to adulthood
  • Needs based financial support
  • Financial literacy programs and access to financial advisors
  • Financial planning
  • Life/home skills including in-home supports

Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being:

  • Recreation and sport
  • Funding to ensure consistent access to holistic health services, transportation and support navigating health systems
  • Nutrition training, mentorship re: groceries and meal planning
  • Self-care and well-being training and supports

Learning, Educational & Professional Development Opportunities:

  • Professional development and skills training, and/or career path planning
  • Assistance to navigate education systems and options
  • Financial support for training/certificate

(Re)connect with Land, Culture, Language & Community:

  • Cultural youth groups and peer supports
  • Funding for language/identity, courses, workshops and resources
  • Safe reintegration into community and culture of origin, including visits to community of origin
  • Cultural programs and ceremony, land-based wellness

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth who have been involved with CFS at on point in their life
  • Youth must have resided on reserve at one point in their life
  • Must be aged 15 to 25
  • Must be Treaty 8 

About Post Majority Support Services

Post Majority Support Services assist Treaty 8 youth that are aging out of care and Treaty 8 young adults formerly in care from the age of majority up to and including the age of 25.




11620-168 ST NW
Edmonton, AB



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