Kîwîtin Acâhkos - Yidah (Northstar)

Walking with Our Young People

Treaty 8 Urban Child and Family Services provides individualized support, developed, and designed to meet the distinct needs of Treaty 8 First Nation’s youth and young adults.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Youth or young adult aged 15-25 years;
  • Who are exiting or leaving care due to having reached the age when mandated or legislated services end;
  • Who are considered ordinarily resident on-reserve.
  • Must have been involved Child ad Family Services and had resided on-reserve at one point in their life.

Treaty 8 First Nations young and young adults are provided with comparable supports and opportunities to thrive, as any other youth or young adult on Turtle Island (Canada) as they transition into adulthood.

The support we provide will aid in meeting the youth and young adults self-identified best interests, physical, emotional, mental well-being, cultural, relational, psychological safety and security needs.



Kayne Jagodzinsky-Tallman speaks with Kîwîtin Acâhkos - Yidah (Northstar) program participants about their experiences and lessons. Thank you to Nevada Rain for the expert video editing.


Kîwîtin Acâhkos - Yidah (Northstar) Support Services and Activities

Learning, Educational & Professional Development

Exploration of educational opportunities and career path planning.

Assistance and support in navigating education systems and funding sources.

Referrals to access professional development and skills training opportunities.

Assistance and support in navigating financial resources for continued education and skill development.

Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual

Access to recreation and sports.

Support in navigating health care systems.

Nutrition training re: groceries and meal planning.

Training in self-care.

Access to holistic health services, including spiritual advisors and elder guidance.

(Re)connect with Land, Culture, Language & Community

Opportunities to participate in cultural youth groups and peer support networks.

Funding to access language/identity courses, workshops and resources.

Safe integration into community and culture of origin; including visits to community of origin.

Access to cultural programs, ceremony, and land-based teachings for wellness.

Financial Support and Housing Stability During Transition to Adulthood

Referrals to financial literacy programs.

Arranging access to financial advisors and financial planning.

Development of budgeting plans.

Exploring housing options.

Accessing and securing safe, stable,, and comfortable housing.


Contact Information


Address: 11620 168 Street NW, Edmonton AB T5M 3T9

Telephone: 1 (844) 504-1390

Email: info@treaty8ucfs.ca




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