Suicide Awareness

Suicide Awareness Engagement Session

Too often, people struggle with difficult problems that can leave them feeling like suicide is the only way out.  As First Nations people, our communities understand the impacts of these tragic deaths more than most.  In order to help prevent suicide in our communities, we are offering this engagement session to raise awareness about this issue and look at ways to deal with it.

The engagement session will cover how to identify the signs, symptoms and risk factors for suicide and mental health issues that could be factors.  We will discuss the impacts of suicide on the community and identify what questions to ask if someone is thinking about suicide.  Finally, we will provide Action Steps, coping strategies, and identify other resources to seek out to help those thinking about suicide.  We will have group discussion and look at culturally appropriate case stories throughout the engagement session. 

By talking about the root causes of suicide, we can begin to understand the reasons why some feel they have no other choice but this path.  Through understanding, we can support our friends, families and loved ones to show they are not alone and steer them away from dangerous thoughts.  The tools and strategies we can teach you can help you to bring healing to your communities.


We will be offering these engagement sessions in communities all across Treaty 8 [Alberta] and the Edmonton Area.


We offer the engagement session at different times throughout the year, you can check out our calendar to find out the weeks we will be offering the engagement session you’re interested in.  For more specific information find the worker in your area below and they can tell you when and where in your community the engagement session will be held.


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