Mental Health

Mental Health Engagement Session

Mental Health issues affect more people than you would think.  Depression, anxiety and other problems can significantly impact the health and happiness of a person.  In order to promote the health and well-being of Treaty 8 families and communities, we need to understand the most common mental health issues facing our people today. 

In our engagement session, we will identify different mental health conditions, and discuss the impacts mental health issues can have on children, families and communities through culturally appropriate case scenarios.   As well, we will explain the physiology of mental health and provide strategies to cope and for staying safe. 

Through understanding, we can begin to look for warning signs and help our families and loved ones by moving them in the correct direction towards getting the support and resources they require to achieve healing.  

By doing this, we can ensure that no one has to suffer in silence and isolation.


We will be offering these engagement sessions in communities all across Treaty 8 [Alberta] and the Edmonton Area.


We offer the engagement session at different times throughout the year, you can check out our calendar to find out the weeks we will be offering the engagement session you’re interested in.  For more specific information find the worker in your area below and they can tell you when and where in your community the engagement session will be held.


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