Fee for Service Programs

What Is Our Fee For Service Program?

Many of the services that are delivered under our Fee For Service Program are things that are already delivered by various agencies and authorities throughout the province of Alberta.  The important difference is that we are ensuring that it is Treaty 8 people delivering these services to our Treaty 8 people.

We believe that having a Youth Worker from the community or from Treaty 8 is both a better option and a better service for our people than another youth worker from another community who doesn’t understand the situation of the community. Having lived in the same communities, having grown up with the same culture, they are able to understand and work with your communities, families and children because they share the same experiences, culture and heritage.

This is our way of staying true to the Chiefs of Treaty 8 [Alberta] belief that Treaty 8 families should be served by Treaty 8 people, who know their languages, customs, traditions, land base, protocols, beliefs, and values.

These services are available to Treaty 8 members no matter if they reside in the communities or in an urban setting.  Contact us for more details

No Cost to You

The name Fee For Service can be pretty alarming to you, the Treaty 8 member, but these services will not cost you, or your family, anything.  These services are already covered by Alberta Children’s Services and other authorities.  When services are accessed through us, the appropriate government agency will get the bill, not you or your family.

All we are doing with this program is making sure that Treaty 8 people, qualified to do the work in the field, are the people doing the work.  You, as the client, won’t notice any difference in service. Our workers/employee’s go through comprehensive in house training and also have a strong back ground in working with youth and family. 

What We Offer

Our services are broken into four different categories:

Child & Youth Services
Family Engagement Services
Family Prevention Services
Cultural Wellness Support Program

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