Cultural Wellness Support Program

These are services that help families stay in touch with their culture and to build up a strong and proud connection to their heritage.

  • Culture Camp – The Culture Camp will be an annual event for families. The camp will take place in one of the communities in Treaty 8 territory and it will be facilitated by the Cultural Support Worker, Elders, and knowledge keepers from the Treaty 8 territory.
  • Traditional food and traditional clothing and regalia with emphasis on their meaning.
  • Language classes in a group or one-to-one Elders’ teachings.
  • Who Am I? – This program will help children and youth connect to their culture, grassroots, and learn about where they come from, and specifically where their registry number comes from.  The Youth Worker or Family Support Worker will introduce the child or youth to their home community

Transportation Services

  • Providing transportation to adults, youth and children on weekdays, weekends and evenings as per client need
  • Monitoring all parent-child interactions for safety and appropriateness
  • Observes and takes notes on family interaction
  • Providing supportive supervision of non-custodial parent and their children
  • Providing role modeling for parents on appropriate play and engagement activities and clearly communicates on what works well for the child/youth at home and in the community
  • Maintains accurate, timely, complete case notes for each individual they are transporting