Family Wellness Resources

Resources Available

 We offer different kinds of support to the children and families of our Treaty 8 members.  These supports are geared towards filling the gaps between services that families may already be receiving, as provided below.

Caregiver Relief Program

This is a program to give support to Treaty 8 families that have special needs or high medical needs children.  Our program also covers Grandparents or extended family members who are raising other extended family members’ children.  We will cover the cost of a caregiver that you choose, up to 10 hours per week for children aged 0 – 17 years, in order to provide you with support, assistance or sometimes just a much-needed break. 

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Prevention Resources

Our Prevention Workers will assist Treaty 8 children and families on a one-to-one basis to help prevent a crisis from occurring, and to bring healing and wellness.  Our Prevention Workers will also connect Treaty 8 children and families to appropriate resources, as required.  All services will be provided in a culturally appropriate way to ensure that the language, culture, values, traditions, beliefs, and protocols of Treaty 8 children and families are incorporated into their Support Plan. 

Cultural Resources

All of the programs and services that we offer are created and delivered with a deep awareness and respect for the culture of the Nations of Treaty 8 and the people that we serve.  Because of our commitment to hiring Treaty 8 members, you can be assured that our workers incorporate the culture, heritage and protocols of your community into our programs and services

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Youth Ambassador

The Youth Ambassador is responsible for successfully planning and coordinating a range of youth development activities and programs that provide opportunities for
Treaty 8 youth to become involved.  The Youth Ambassador encourages and promotes a supportive environment for Treaty 8 youth to address challenges and barriers they may be experiencing, and champions for programs and resources for Treaty 8 youth. 

Data Analysis/Registrar

The collection and analysis of data is a critical function to help the Treaty 8 Urban Office determine if we are meeting our goals and objectives.  The Data Analyst/Registrar is primarily responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing and interpreting the business data for the Treaty 8 Urban Office.  This then provides valuable information that assists with business decisions and ways for continuously enhancing Treaty 8 Urban Office programs and services.  As part of the Registrar function, this role is the official keeper of the Treaty 8 Urban Office records and works with INAC to support Indian Status registration of Treaty 8 children.