Addictions – Meth, Opioids, and Cocaine

This workshop teaches you about crystal meth, opioids, and cocaine and how dangerous it can be for users, their family and their community.  We show you the risks of substance abuse, and how to identify the psychological and physiological signs of addiction to these drugs.   

As well, we discuss coping strategies to deal with addictions in your own life, in your family and in your community.


This workshop is typically:

  • 2 day
  • 5 hours per day

We will be offering these workshops in communities all across Treaty 8 [Alberta] and the Edmonton Area.


We offer the workshop at different times throughout the year, you can check out our calendar to find out the weeks we will be offering the workshop you’re interested in.  For more specific information find the worker in your area below and they can tell you when and where in your community the workshop will be held.


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